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“Chillin With Cheese” is a boxing  website created by Robert “Cheese” Gardner, designed to allow all people to enjoy this great sport.  Not only will we have interviews with various figures in the sport, but also photos, podcast, blogs, schedules, boxing history, clothing and FAN INTERACTION.  Ladies, don’t feel like this is just a guy website because we will have special interviews and fan interaction just for YOU.  Ultimately, my goal is to promote this wonderful sport and the elite athletes that participate in it.  Let’s have some fun!!!

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Looking back on my childhood in Baltimore, I can point to three different experiences that really made an impact on me and my love of boxing.  Muhammad Ali was a unique individual because even as a kid, you knew that he was special.  There was never a fighter of that size who could move with such grace and athleticism.  He not only made an impact in the ring, but his influence around the world is tremendous. Secondly, “Sugar” Ray Leonard made an impression because of not only his fantastic boxing skill, but I always looked at how women loved him.  As a seven year old, I remember watching the Olympics in 1976 and seeing ladies just gaze at the television when he was on.  Whether it was in the ring or Sprite commercials he had “IT”.  Lastly, it was the movie “Rocky”.  I remember my mom taking me to see “Rocky” and I didn’t know exactly what I was going to see.  She figured sense I like boxing I would like the movie.  She was wrong…I loved it!!  Even to this day, it is my favorite sports  movie of all-time.  This movie definitely shows the power of the human spirit and how even a person from humble beginnings can make an impact on the world.

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